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revolving doors

So, the building I work in has a revolving door and I'm often surprised by how much fear it creates in some of the people entering and exiting. Last night, as I was leaving, this woman had entered it from the opposite side as I approached, then leapt out when I entered, and scowled at me with much hatred, as though my passing through on one side had somehow prevented her from passing through on hers. I should add that there was nothing at all controversial about my speed or general disposition at that particular moment.

And so, since I know you all love to vote, a poll!

Poll #1150377 Revolving Doors

As you approach a revolving door, someone else enters it from the other side. What do you do?

Stand aside until they've gone completely through.
Let them get most of the way through before entering.
Surge ahead, of course!
Panic! Oh, god, isn't there another way out of this building?

What is the primary purpose of a revolving door?

To efficiently usher many people into and out of the building simultaneously.
To retain the heating/air-conditioning in the lobby.
To create dread and fear in the weak.

Have you ever pushed a revolving door extra fast in order to make someone else uncomfortable?

Of course, I have. God made me this way!
No, of course. My middle name is Sweetness.
Maybe... I have had days where it was menace or be menaced.

Have you ever conspired to trap someone in a revolving door.

Yes, it's all in good fun.
Never! Didn't I tell you what my middle name was?
Great, I wasn't scared of revolving doors before this poll, but now I'll avoid them like the plague.

And as your reward for voting, here's a little something-something from Senor Vargas...

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