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wayback wednesday: loose slacks and gygax

So, I've been holding steady at 235 pounds over the winter, which is great. I was afraid I'd shoot back up because of coldness-induced inactivity, season-affect-disorder-induced drinking, and generally winter-induced cravings for comfort food. Even my vacation during which I must have eaten a pound of delicious Icelandic butter hasn't fazed it. K. thinks it's time I buy some tighter clothes, particuarly pants, but I think I'll see where springtime and being outdoors again takes me first. Of course, she has also expressed fears that the scale may no longer be accurate, but that's lies, I say, damn awful lies.

In other news, the creator of Dungeon & Dragons, E. Gary Gygax, died yesterday. That makes me sad. I can still remember with bizarre clarity playing my very first game of Basic D&D when I was in third or fourth grade, rolling unfamiliarly-shaped dice amidst the abandoned cars in a friend's backyard.

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