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Ice ice landic...

Have I mentioned that I'm going to Iceland? Oh, I'm going to Iceland.

Some good friends of ours were at a charity auction and they put in a low bid on a cabin in Iceland, which I think they were a little shocked to have actually won. They asked us to join them and we we're like "Oh, hell, yeah!" Heck, we'll go pretty much anywhere if the lodging is as inexpensive as we're paying for this place. Plus, it's not peak tourist season so the flights are fairly cheap as well. So cheap, in fact, that K. and I are going to do a few nights in Amsterdam after Iceland.

The cabin has a geothermal hot tub and is an hour outside of Reykjavik, so we should be far enough away from the city lights to see the Aurora Borealis. Plus, there's glaciers, volcanos, vikings, elves, Bjork, and a cave that goes straight to the center of the Earth!

On the downside, I hear booze is pretty expensive there. In Iceland that is. Not the center of the Earth. There's always cheap hooch to be found in Pellucidar.

If anyone has any advice about what to see or do or avoid in Iceland (or Amsterdam for that matter), please clue me in. Especially if any of you have sampled the local delicacy: putrified sharkmeat. Thanks.

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