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Five Years

Big day for a tuesday. Not only is it both Super Tuesday and Fat Tuesday, it's also the fifth anniversary of this here blog. That's right... five years I've been doing this. That's a pretty long time in internet years, isn't it?

The blog was conceived at a bar called Tritone, much encouraged by drinks and an LJ-invite from my bartender and friend Kelly. Looking back, the early entries were frankly pretty boring and a lot of the photos from the first six months are now gone because I was a crazy little hotlinker. But in July of 2003, the lovely and talented exacademic opened the gates of his noble country and allowed our images a place of permanent refuge.

Originally, I didn't really have much of a personal nature that I wanted to share so I was determined to write the entire blog in the character of Ass Monkey. But as early as August of that year bits of my actual life were occasionally creeping bloglike into it. The whole writing-in-character thing pretty much culminated in the kidnapping saga (12/17/03 to 01/15/04), when my evil twin brother Declan hijacked the blog, converting it to suit his own twisted fetish.

By spring of 2004, I was pretty much blogging in the current style, but then tragedy struck in April when a harddrive crash wiped out my entire Ass Monkey archive. I gave considerable thought to quitting at that point, but ultimately vowed to rebuild the empire. In March of 2005, I got briefly written up by Fleshbot, which led to a surge in readership. There must have been a few mentions on Russian websites too because every so often a new wave of Russian LJs discover me.

During the first couple years, there were occasional theme days like "Do Not Touch My Butt Day" and "Fishnets Week," but on February 6th, 2004 (just after the first anniversary), I started the first of the weekly features: Fantassy Fridays, featuring great old illustrations by folks like Frazetta, Vallejo, Petty and Vargas. Unfortunately by the end of that year I had allowed it to putter out. I'm thinking that maybe I should start it up again.

The second weekly feature stared shortly thereafter, when I finally realized how much you guys likes the vintages photos I occasionally posted, so on April 28th, 2004, I innaugarated Wayback Wednesday, which is still going strong and possibly the most popular day of the week.

Then last summer, I made my 1000th post and received my 5000th comment.

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