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voting, playing, and writing

Well, I'm sure you'll all be positively stunned to hear that "pigtails" was the big winner of the contest, taking nearly 80% of the vote yesterday.

In other news, I've been neglecting the writing lately. Maybe I needed a break or maybe I've just been playing too much City of Heroes. The new characters include Pirate Girl (who oddly enough, given our recent contests, has red hair, pigtails, and red-and-white striped stockings), a club-swinging caveman named Urgg (thawed, of course, from a block of ice), and a leather pants-clad demoness named Kaikeyi (who was kicked out of hell for refusing to go to rehab).

Either way, I am going to try and get back on track with the novel this week, whether my brain decides to cooperate or not.

Tags: coh, writing

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