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Best of 2007: Round One, Match Eight (Fire!)

So I arrive at work, check my email, and then the phone rings. One of my co-workers is calling to find out if the building is on fire. "Ha!" I say, "Of course it isn't!" And then the fire alarm goes off.

Man, I hate our building's fire alarm. I swear I'd rather be on fire than have that piercing sound cutting through my head for the ten minutes it takes to evacuate the building.

Just a little electrical fire on the first floor, but it meant I got to see lots of fire trucks and spend twenty minutes at the bookstore reading Interview magazine. Although I didn't have a chance to read the article about volcanos in National Geographic...

In non-fire-related news, today is the final day of Round One!

Poll #1126098 Best of 2007: Round One, Match Eight

Which is your favorite?

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