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dinner at the Barclay Prime

My job doesn't pay very well, but once a year they take us out to a really nice dinner. Fortunately they have a small staff that can be bought off with food. This year we went to the Barclay Prime and it was amazing. Drinkwise, I started with a couple giant sidecars, then moved onto some bottles of pinot grigio we got for the table. One of their signature dishes there is a $100 kobe cheesesteak (with lobster). We got one of those as an appetizer and cut it up. It was just ok. But the kobe sliders (little hamburgers made from the finest Japanese beef), which people shared with me, were super great. I had a shrimp cocktail that only had three shrimp in it, but each one was the size of a small lobster. For the main course, I had a 16 oz. kobe strip steak with crab meat on top and some whipped truffle potatoes. And a chocolate souffle for desert.

So that meal, along with having chicken pot pies (recipe tomorrow!) thursday and yesterday, pretty much guarantees that I'm not weighing myself for at least another week. Fortunately, we're having a winter warm spell, so I can walk home the next couple days.

Tags: best of 2008, food, weather

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