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Christmas Eve

I'm the only one in the office today, which is quite nice. Even better, the phones, faxes, and emails are all but silent.

Tonight, after work, we're off to Wilmington for dinner at my aunt's house, then back to Philly for a party thrown by K's boss, and then off to New Jersey to sing carols around the piano with all my childhood neighbors, which is my absolute favorite Christmas tradition. Then, after resting up back in Philly, we'll head out to south Jersey tomorrow morning for Christmas morning at my parent's, then up to central Jersey for dinner at K's sister's house, and then back to Philly for the night. And then back to south Jersey the day after Christmas for when my oldest brother brings his family down from Rhode Island. What can I say? We like to keep it simple!

I know it's not really wednesday, but I thought this vintage photo made for a nice holiday card, so Merry Christmas, everybody!

Tags: action, stockings, wayback wednesdays

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