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Blade Runner and Atonement (possibly slight spoilers for both)

Well, I was wrong about Juno coming out this weekend, so my movie choices were easier that I thought.

Saw Blade Runner on saturday. Assuming that everyone has already seen this classic, there's really no need to say that it's a great film that looks absolutely gorgeous or to babble on about what an amazing job Rutger Hauer does stealing the film out from under Harrison Ford. The new version drops the studio-mandated narration and Hollywood-style closing scene, while reinstating the full unicorn daydream (which is so crucial to knowing what's really going on in the film), as well as some of the gorier bit of violence that were cut from the original American release.

Then K. and I saw Atonement on sunday. Extremely well done film. I can't speak to it's faithfulness to the novel, but it was pretty much everything you could want from a clever arthouse tearjerker.

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