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I have returned!

Another family holiday survived. We managed to hightail it out of there before anyone said anything argument-inducingly ignorant, but I was still crawling out of my skin the whole time waiting for it. Still, I enjoyed hanging out with my nephew and nieces. My basketball-playing nephew finally had the growth spurt he's been dying for. I swear he's a foot taller since Easter. Although with that height comes a whole new voice to get used to, which is crazy.

After we escaped New Jersey, we headed over to another Thanksgiving with some friends and half of their family (including a baby so cute we came very close to kidnapping her). And then Saturday we went to a Thanksgiving leftover party that some other friends threw at their great new place.

And yet I tell you truly, I could still eat more turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes very easily.

I also saw three movies last week, which I'll get around to reviewing soon.

Tags: barefoot, family, musical instrument

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