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weekend update

The New Pornographers show was very good. I pogo'ed all night, which seems to have brought back my ankle pain that was just about back to normal beforehand. Ah, well. Totally worth it. I can kind of see why Neko doesn't always tour with them. It's a shame to waste her talent just playing tambourine for most of the show. But I guess that's what happens when you have three (arguably four) lead singers in a band. Dan Bejar was funny, only coming out for the songs he was singing and leaving just as quickly without ever setting down his drink.

Saturday, we went to an awesome 70-themed Halloween party. I was pretty happy with my costume, which I ended up making almost entirely out of my own clothes.

Sadly there is no photographic evidence showing the awesomeness of my homemade bell bottoms.

Then sunday, we spent the day watching Degrassi, eating Chinese food and Halloween candy, and carving pumpkins with friends in the evening.

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