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bands, pants, beards, and pumpkins

Tonight I'm off the see the New Pornographers (with Emma Pollack from the Delgados and Immaculate Machine opening). I'm not as crazy about the last two albums as I was about their first two, but this will be the first time seeing them with Neko Case in the band, so that's exciting.

In other news, I'm going to a 1970s costume party tomorrow and I have nothing to wear. I'm even gonna spin some tunes for them. And by spin, I mean plug in my ipod and press some buttons. But I have nothing to wear! I have a notion to turn an old pair of pants into bell bottoms, but that will require effort. As will going to the thrift store to find a shirt with a wide enough collar.

Hmmm... perhaps breaking into the Halloween candy will give me the energy I need!

Today might also be the day when I finally trim my beard. In this rainy weather, the sides of it stick out two inches from my face.

And I still have to carve this year's jack 'o lantern. Well, I guess I can do that hungover on sunday.

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