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my brain and company

I'm having strange reactions to population density. Before I went on vacation, Philadelphia seemed to have about the right amount of people in it. I liked the hustle and bustle of our medium-sized city.

By comparison, the part of Cape Cod where we stayed felt like a freaking ghost town. I walked miles down major roads some mornings and only saw a handful of cars. I found it a little disturbing, almost like something had happened to kill off all the people. By the end of the trip though, I had gotten used to it. My expectations had adjusted enough that I actually got annoyed when more people showed up on the weekend.

Now, I'm back and Philadelphia suddenly seems overpopulated to me. I ride the crowded subway and can't believe so many people are living right on top of each other. Why are we all in one place?

I'm sure I'll adjust back next week, but I find the whole process weird. Like my brain is evolving (or deevolving) at a fast enough rate, that I can actually notice it happening.

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