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thursday night television

I decided to put off Ugly Betty until later and started off instead with the double shot of My Name is Earl. I admire that they're playing with their formula, but so far I'm not enjoying it as much. The show loses way too much of its hilarity when Randy and Earl are separated, but it looks like they may have that fixed by episode three.

The double shot of The Office was also messing with their formula of course. Can the show still work with Jim and Pam finally being together? Historically-speaking it seems unlikely, but they've kept me entertained for the past couple years, so I'll certainly give it a chance. No huge laughs, but a few decent chuckles.

Since there was nothing else compelling at 10:00, I gave Big Shots a try. It's nice to see Christopher Titus and Joshua Malina headlining a show and it's cool that they're trying to explore that "bonds of male friendship" angle that Boston Legal gets such credit for, but at the end of the night, it's just a show about four rich, white guys who hang out at their country club and that shit is played out.

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