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weekend report

So, the chili turned out good. Although today might be the last day I can eat it before freezing the rest.

Saturday, K. and I were just about to leave for a pub crawl with some friends when we got a phone call from our pal Lee who had an extra ticket to Elvis Costello to offer me. Upon hearing that news K. immediately began to hop up and down, excitedly vibrating herself into the dimension of happy excitement.

So, I sent her off with the free ticket and went pub crawling without her, which as it turned out, meant staying out far later and getting far drunker than I would have had she been here. There were many, many shots being purchased and I foolishly drank them all regardless of what was in them. Hopefully, I was an entertaining drunk, rather than an annoying or embarassing one.

Needless to say, I was properly hungover the whole next day, which included a viewing of "Wild at Heart" and attending a co-worker's housewarming party that was full of young children.

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