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On friday or saturday evening, an airplane must have made a rapid descent right over my neighborhood. For about 30-40 seconds, as our house shook itself practically to pieces and the deafening roar got louder and louder, I was totally convinced a plane was about to crash into our house. My heart was still beating doubletime an hour later.

ETA: According to the discussion at PhillyBlog, it was two low flying Navy fighter jets, kicking off the Navy-Temple football game. I shall consider myself shocked and awed.

So, I decided to let the beard grow and go for the whole crazy hermit look. But then on monday I was feeling depressed and decided I needed a change, so I trimmed the beard short and shaved my head. It helped a little. Not quite as much as dying my hair blond used to help back in the late 90s, but any change is good change.

Tags: south philly
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