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This American Life: Break-Up

This week's episode of Chicago Public Radio's This American Life was really great. I laughed, I cried, I downloaded the mp3s. No seriously, I did all those things. And I even listened to it twice. So far.

If you've never heard the show, each week they choose a theme and tell a variety of stories, some true, some fiction. The theme this week was breakups, which was suggested by one of their listeners who couldn't believe they hadn't already done covered it. The highlight (for me) was frequent contributer Starlee Kine talking about the breakup she had just gone through and how important breakup songs had become to her. So important, in fact, that she decided she had to write her own. Despite having no songwriting or musical experience.

Kine was hilarious and heartwrenching and the song she wrote with the help of musicians Joe McGinty and Julia Greenberg was really good. You can listen to the song here

The other segments were very good as well. You can listen to the entire episode here (for free).

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