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"To name something is to call it into being." -- Martin Heidegger

I'm still enjoying the heck out City of Villains (i.e. it still feels like a game and not a part time job). Miss Trick (my fishnetted mistress of robotics and force field technology) is definitely emerging as my favorite. Especially since I discovered that I can name the robots! Her three (so far) robots are Cheap Trick, Dirty Trick, and Hat Trick.

Owing to some quirk of human psychology, I began to see (or rather imagine) different personality traits in them promptly after naming them. Cheap Trick was the consummate professional, always in the right place at the right time. Dirty Trick was the crazy kid robot, constantly choosing the weirdest locations to fight from (standing on plants, hanging from balconies) and inevitably being the first one to get shot up. And Hat Trick is quite mothering to the other two, fixing them up when they get too damaged (although that is mostly due to it being designed as a protector bot).

Oh, and true to my word, I made not one, but two characters with exposed brains. One is a French cyborg and one is a zombie cheerleader. I also made a really fat ninja with the positively brilliant name of Fat Ninja.

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