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Well, I was of course disappointed to discover this weekend that 80% of you hate me.

For surely that could be the only motivation behind so many of you voting that I should see Labyrinth this weekend. I could have better spent that time idly flipping a coin over and over in hopes of predicting which side it would land on next.

Now, it could well be argued that I have only myself to blame, but I will refute that argument on the grounds that NANANANA! I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!!!

So, you're all bastards. Well, except for that good, sweet 20% that tried to warn me. I feel a bit like I did when one day in my late 30s, I crushingly realized that all those people who wrote "Stay cool over the summer!" in my high school yearbook weren't actually implying that I was cool in a Fonzie-like way, but rather were suggesting that I stay indoors instead of out in the summer heat.

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