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City of Heroes

City of Heroes just had one of their free weekends for former subscribers. I have to say I enjoyed it quite a bit more than on the last two occasions. I played a bit with my old characters (Spacegirl, Doctor Nihil, Starzan, and the Atomic Engine), but played the most with a new character named Devastra.

Devastra is a Trick Arrows / Archery Defender. A new combo that wasn't available back when I used to play. I only got far enough to have a few trick arrows in my quiver, but the ones I had were fun and made soloing really easy. Mostly I used the blinding flash arrows and the enemy-slowing glue arrows. Trick Arrows really functions more like a Controller primary than a typical Defender one, but if they made it Controller, you couldn't take regular Archery as your secondary, so I see why they did it that way.

The best new addition to the game though is the police scanner. Now there's no getting stuck at a level when your scheduled missions run out. You can always tune it and find something to do. It's also great if you find yourself intolerably far from your contacts. Although there's definitely some repetition there. I rescued the same guy from three different sets of bad guys. Each time he insisted that he had nothing to do with them, but I figure he must be some kind supervillain accountant-for-hire.

One of the cooler quests was foiling a bank robbery in progress. Very comic booky and a nice break from the standard "Capture all bad guys in warehouse" and "Disarm all bombs in office building" type quests. Plus, you get a temporary jetpack as a reward.

The new invention process seemed overly complicated, lacking some of the simple elegance of the crafts in World of Warcraft.

When I mentioned the free weekend to joelsd, he said he might have a copy of City of Villains sitting around that he can send me, so I might be playing some more in the future.

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