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26 September 2003 @ 09:26 am
Readings from the Book of Ass  

...and so it came to be that after many days of drifting aimlessly down the river, that the man and the woman saw before them a mighty ass of stone, jutting from the very Earth itself, and carved by no human hand.

And the man said unto the woman "That looks like a giant ass" and the woman saw that it was true. They gazed upon the giant stone ass and agreed that it was good. And so after many days upon the river came their through the desert and the woman said unto the man, "We should take etchings of the mighty ass rock and render them unto the Ass Monkey who will love them" and the man knew that it was true.

So did they journey, far out of their way, through the desert to bring forth the etchings of the ass rock in all it's glory and yeah, did they pose in front of the ass rock in tribute to it.

And the Ass Monkey saw the Ass Rock and saw that it was good.

So endeth the lesson.

Many thanks to zeeke and his lovely wife. Glad you enjoyed the trip.
dave: compasszeeke on September 26th, 2003 02:08 pm (UTC)
The Tibetan Hat: pottyboyturk_diddler on September 26th, 2003 03:55 pm (UTC)

Sort of reminds me of the asshroom I found up in the Western Highlands...