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wayback wednesday: The Curiosity of Chance

This weekend I saw The Curiosity of Chance at the Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. Set in the 80s, the film was a conscious throwback to old John Hughes films like "Pretty in Pink" and "Some Kind of Wonderful." There was a touch of "Parker Lewis Can't Lose" to it as well. The hero, Chance (played by Tad Hilgenbrink), is an openly gay teen battling the requisite school bully and crazy high school administrator with the help of his fellow outcasts and some sage advice from his drag queen guru. The 80s soundtrack was good, but a bit all over the place genre-wise (Devo here, Journey there, etc.). Personally I would have liked to see them stick more closely to a Hughes-style 80s alternative soundtrack. Still, the story was definitely charming and fun and the lead actors were all engaging.

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