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blood and sitcoms

Well, we gave into the heat and humidity by putting the AC on the past two nights, which has had two slightly interesting side effects.

One, I've gotten major nosebleeds the following mornings. I'm used to nosebleeds in the winter. A doctor once said my capillaries are too close to the surface in my nostrils or something. And so buildings with dry heat always traumatize them. But this is the first time air conditioning has ever dried them out enough to bleed.

Two, my creativity has been firing oddly in my dreams. Last summer, turning on the AC had me directing a Bollywood musical on Broadway starring the Muppets. Last night, I was creating a sitcom. Not the story of the sitcom, mind you. No, I dreamt I was writing up profiles of the (unusually large) nine person cast of the sitcom. And at one point I was helping to plan the sets for the three apartments that would be featured in the show. I still remember a lot of it.

If only I could train my brain to work on my novel while I sleep instead of wasting its time coming up with new side projects.

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