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"Don't move, you are surrounded by armed bastards!"

Well, I finished watching season two of Life on Mars this weekend. I thought it ended pretty well although, as with most endings, there are some things I would have done a little differently. Still, I loved all the characters and will likely be quoting Gene Hunt pretty much forever. It's a great little series that I doubt will adapt at all well to the 22-episode American television season.

And since it wasn't enough to just sit back, eagerly awaiting the upcoming sequel series Ashes to Ashes, I took a friend's recommendation and downloaded a six-episodes show called State of Play, which has John Simm and Philip Glenister (playing a somewhat kinder, gentler DCI) together again, as well as Bill Nighy, Kelly MacDonald, and the guy who played Elton in Mofatt's the Doctorless episode of Doctor Who last year. While it wasn't exactly fun viewing, it was a pretty gripping mystery. I can't imagine how anyone could follow that twisty plot watching it as a weekly series. Even watching them virtually back-to-back there were twists I was missing.

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