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fierce pasta salad

I'm normally not a fan of pasta salad. Most of the time it's bland and gloopy with mayonaise (which is bad enough indoors and out in the hot sun can be positively scary). But I make a pasta salad for K. that's got a decent bite to it and since there's no mayo, it can handle hanging around at room temperature.

Cook up a pound of pasta. While that's cooking, mince two jalapenos, 3 cloves of garlic, some black olives (I use two of small cans of the sliced ones), and a half cup of either basil or parsley (whichever you're in the mood for). Mix that all up with salt, pepper, oregano, 6 oz. of crumbled feta, and a third cup of olive oil. Then cut some red onion into half rings (I use either one medium onion or half of a large one) and put the chopped onion in the collandar that you're going to drain your pasta in. When the pasta is done, drain it through the onions (just to cook them a tiny bit). While the pasta is still hot, mix it with your other stuff and boom.

You can eat it warm or cold. It's good as a main course or side dish, on lettuce or by itself.

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