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weekend roundup

First off, oh my god, I love John Simm on Doctor Who. He is fantastic. Just brilliant. I'm so ready to watch "Life on Mars" now.

Secondly, since I've been watching so much tv on the computer lately, I've decided to do sudoko puzzles while I watch, so that my brain doesn't completely atrophy. It's interesting how fast your brain learns to solve them. On friday night, they were a total struggle. But by sunday, I was whizzing through even the harder ones. I'm not sure I enjoy doing them, but they make me feel less guilty about watching three episodes of "Friday Night Lights" back-to-back.

Thirdly, we got the fountain up and running yesterday, which was great. Unfortunately we also tried to buy some plants at the Home Depot nursery which was total hell because of poor management, so we ended up leaving in a huff with just a green extension cord for the fountain.

Finally, grilled up some lovely steaks for sunday dinner. Served them up with roasted fingerling potatoes tossed in herbed goat cheese. Such yumminess.

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