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weekend report

Saturday, went to see Ocean's 13 with ghibli_geek. It was definitely better than 12, not as good as 11. I admired the democratic way they divided the screentime between the gigantic cast, but that made the story way too unfocused. Fortunately, everyone involved was charming enough to make the movie entertaining regardless of its flaws.

Then, I picked K. up after work and we met up with some friends for a nine hour pub crawl in Old City, which was great fun. I managed to stave off any serious damage by steadilly ingesting approximately 1 oz. of chicken for every 3 oz. of rum, but K. got a good, old-fashioned hangover the next day.

So, Sunday we just laid around the house eating Chinese food. K. read her book and I watched at least a half dozen episodes of my new favorite show "The Unit."

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