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season finale of "Lost" (definite spoilers)

Well, that was a hell of a season finale for Lost. I was daring to believe that the Jack flashbacks were actually flashforwards, but got tricked into thinking I was wrong by the Jack talking about his father like he was still alive (which was kind of a dirty trick by the writers). But once I saw all the maps in his home, I could see it actually was true. So where do they go from here? I think it would be great if it now dealt with crazy Jack trying to get back to the island, while flashing back to what happened after he made the distress call. I can't wait to see why getting off the island (assuming that really happened) was a bad thing.

Ben's ploy annoyed me a bit. If he had just told Jack the whole story (whatever it is!), he may have convinced him. And I didn't like they way they set up Charlie's death, but I mostly forgot about those problems when Hurley saved the day in the VW minibus.

And so, since they gave me two hours of decent entertainment, I will honor them with today's photo.

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