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Well, back from vacation and had a great time. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. zeeke (and not just for the super-delicious German pancakes and shishkabobs).

Things I did during vacation:

Took like a hundred pictures of the tiled floors in Portland's Chinese Gardens.

Had to mail home all the books I bought at Powell's.

Watched a musical production at a Catholic preschool.

Rode around the desert in the back of a pickup truck, so that we had a panoramic view of all the arches, balanced rocks, spires, pinnacles, and other outcroppings of red sandstone. (Arches National Park in Moab, Utah)

Hiked out to Delicate Broken Arch where we just happened to see a couple being married (which gave K. ideas).

Sang "Heaven On Their Minds" (Jesus Christ Superstar) in the middle of the desert at the top of my lungs.

Bathed my feet in a desert waterfall.

Watched HBO's "Big Love" less than a mile from actual polygamists.

Saw lizards and jackrabbits. Just missed seeing a prairie dog.

Listened patiently to tragic stories of total strangers while trying to relax in out motel's hot tub.

Drank lots of rum & gingers and hefeweizens.

Things I did not do during vacation:

See the "Lost" season finale.

See the "Heroes" season finale.

See "Pirates of the Caribbean."

Tags: best of 2007, travels

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