Diary of an Ass Monkey (assmonkeydiary) wrote,
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Portland's been fun. The people we're staying with have three kids, so
we've been getting quite a workout. I got conned by a cute little four year
old into carrying her around on my shoulders for most of a hiking trip.
First night here, they got a babysitter and just the adults went into town.
First we went into the Hawthorne neighborhood to try the crab bruschetta at
Bread & Ink. K. had seen a review of them in the airplane magazine and
since it combined two of her favorite things, she had to have it. Went to a
record store hoping they might have some records by local bands that I have
trouble getting back east (namely Tullycraft and All Girl Summer Fun Band),
but nothing! Then we went to The Kennedy School (as recommended by lipbylipby, which was aweseome. It's this old school that they've
converted into bars, restaurants, hotel, and movie theater. One of the bars
is Detention Room. The other is Honor Room. Great design and art.

Then yesterday we went to lunch at the local burger chain Burgerville, which
was delicious. Then we went to the fish hatchery and did some light hiking
at Multnomah Falls. Then came home and grilled some salmon.

Today, we're heading into Portland again to see Powell's and the Japanese

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