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wayback wednesday: Fur (no spoilers)

So, the girl and I watched Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus this weekend and thought it was great. I was surprised to learn afterward that it was critically-panned. Mind you, I went into the film knowing almost nothing about Diane Arbus, so it didn't have anything to live up to in terms of biography. Every bit of it looked gorgeous thanks to rock star production designer Amy Danger and director Steven Shainberg. If you liked what they did with the look of Secretary, you'll likely love what they did here. I would confidently hang any still from that film on my wall as art.

But it wasn't just pretty to look at it. Shainberg and screenwriter Erin Cressida Wilson wrote a great story that married the somewhat dreamlike and nearly realistic elements quite nicely. Despite taking its time and meandering a bit, the story never dragged for me. The acting was splendid. Even dressed up as a wookie, Robert Downey Jr. performed amazingly (as usual). I was worried that Nicole Kidman would bug me, but she was suprisingly excellent. Strangely, I think I prefer her acting when she has dark hair.

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