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Friday, I went drinking, dancing, pool shooting, and bowling with the girlfriend's library cronies.

Saturday, I went to see Mira Nair's The Namesake, which was quite wonderful, especially given my unquenchable thirst for all things Indian. Irfan Khan was great as always. The story impressed me enough that I had to look up who wrote the screenplay and was pleased to see it was Jhumpa Lahiri, who I had booked to read at the bookstore ages ago for her first book. I'll have to dig up my copy of that one.

Afterwards, got home and chopped down some of the branches in the backyard that were driving the girlfriend crazy.

And on Sunday, we swung by my parents' house for the shortest birthday visit ever, trying to ensure that we got out before my family said anything that pissed us off too much. And then went and had crabs with the girlfriend's sister and her husband, which was lovely and very messy.

Also, allergies are making sleeping a bit challenging, so there were a couple very early morning Pokemon sessions.

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