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Wayback Wednesday: Films 14-16

The Japanese film Life Can Be So Wonderful is made up of five vaguely poetic vignettes. It was very meditative and did a great job of establishing moods, but didn't really do much for me beyond that.

The Danish animated film Princess is the story of a priest who adopts the five-year-old daughter of his dead porn actress sister and seeks revenge against the people who profited from her career. I feel like the animation made some of the material less disturbing and powerful than it would have been in live-action and I found the black-and-white depiction of the pornographers as evil criminals a bit of a cop out, but it was ultimately quite interesting and affecting.

The main reason I saw Who Loves the Sun was because it had original music from Mac McCaughan (of Portastatic and Superchunk), but I guess he just did the instrumental music, because the only songs that were really noticeable in it were by the Silver Jews. The film itself was just ok. The acting was nice, but the story was a bit contrived and bland, and it felt longer than it was.

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