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Joe Orton and the Beatles

Watched Prick Up Your Ears last week. Quite good, I thought. I was a bit miffed that I'd never discovered it before. Gary Oldman played playwright Joe Orton ("What the Butler Saw" and "Entertaining Mr. Sloan"). Alfred Molina played his dangerously neurotic boyfriend Ken Halliwell. It's a bit startling to see them both so young. Vanessa Redgrave and Wallace Shawn do excellently (surprise, surprise) in the minor roles.

One of the key elements in the plot was about Orton writing the script for a new Beatles movie, "Up Against It," which he fully expected them to reject because "the boys, in my script, have been caught in-flagrante, become involved in dubious political activity, dressed as women, committed murder, been put in prison and committed adultery." Paul, I believe, is on record as saying, they just didn't do it because they were worried fans would think they were gay. Probably a mistake on their parts, but then I haven't read the script. I'll have to hunt down a copy. I'd love to see somebody use the animation style from "Yellow Submarine" to a make a movie of it now.

But then I might just be thinking that because a Joe Orton version of Yellow Submarine sounds a bit like the book I'm trying to write.

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