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slightly closer to closing in on closure

I sketched out the final two missing scenes from the first section of my novel at the bar last night. Now, I guess I actually have to turn all those partially-written bits into actual prose. Or I could just continue on, sketching out the missing bits of the rest of the novel, but after six eight! months of writing, I think I'd like some closure with the beginning of the book. Even just the relative closure of having a first draft of some opening chapters. Of course, if I get frustrated with that process, I can always go back to sketching out the rest of the book.

I'm also starting to get worried about how long it will be. I originally envisioned it as no more than 80,000 words, but if every section is as long as the first, it's going to be more than twice that. That's what I get for reading Cryptonomicon while writing. Time to read something short and sweet. Ah, well, no use counting chickens before they hatch (especially when I'm still trying to figure out where I'm going to build the coop).

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