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just me jabbering on about last night's television

It was a series of disappointments in TV land for me last night.

First they send Baby Tyra home on America's Next Top Model, instead of the boring girl I couldn't care less about. At least Sarah and Whitney are hanging in.

Then on American Idol, I got all excited because my least favorite contestant (Chris Richardson) was in the bottom two, but no... he got to stay. Still I was happy that my favorites Chris Sligh and Sanjaya Malakar survived, especially since Sanjaya was so freaking awful this week.

Then Lost was mostly just a big pile of suck for me, mostly because of the ending. You know who should have been behind that door? Locke in a wheelchair. There's your man from Tallahassee! That would have been a damn reveal! They could have done this whole thing where now Locke has to deal with the fact that he really isn't the same person he was when he landed on the island.

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