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I was surprised to see my boss's old 1960s-era rolodex sitting on a shelf above my desk yesterday. I vaguely remembered rescuing it from the garbage because I thought it looked cool, but couldn’t' remember what I had planned to do with it. When I mentioned that to my co-worker, she said, "Didn't you turn that into a noisemaker—oh god, why did I just remind you of that..."

And sure enough, I had. I had hooked all these giant paper clips and binder clips to the rotating axis, so that I could spin the outside knob and make an unholy racket with incredible ease. And I did. Oh, how I turned the noise knob that day! I'm half convinced that it's the reason my boss let us out two hours early yesterday.

And now it sits up there, staring down at me again, daring me to make more incessant noise. It knows me. It knows what I want to do....

Tags: true adventures

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