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food and plumbing

Went to a potluck brunch yesterday that had some of the most decadent breakfast food I've ever come into contact with. The craziest was this super delicious french toast casserole thing that was like chopped up cinnabons covered in gooey melted chocolate. (That they served with amaretto whipped cream just in case you were worried it wasn't going to be sweet enough!) There was bacon-y bread pudding and rich quiches, mimosas with cointreau, lemon poppy muffins and fresh fruit. And of course, all the bagles, bacon you could fit into one house.

Suspecting that there would be more sweet than savory there, I made corn fritters (which we served with a horseradish cheddar spread). They were kind of fun to make and a big hit.

Then, we went home and got filthy and soaking wet, snaking a backed up drain in the basement, which is not the least bit better for our efforts. Hopefully, there's just some ice in there somewhere, ice that will melt when this wretched frozen weather goes away this week.

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