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"Factory Girl" review (no real spoilers)

The girl and I went to see "Factory Girl" this weekend. Despite the critical rejection, we liked it. Nothing great, but certainly enjoyable. Granted, we're both crazy about the late 60s music and art scene so it was a somewhat easy sell. A lot of people walking out of the theater seemed puzzled that it was so chaotic, but I doubt you'd be doing Edie Sedgwick's life justice if you tried imposing any sort of order on it. Although I will agree that it was frequently difficult to judge how much time had passed between scenes.

I thought Sienna Miller did a fine job of portraying Edie and that a lot of the criticism she gets is misdirected. She may have come off as inauthentic at times, but so did Edie, so I'm going to assume it was intentional. It's a little like criticizing Seth Green's portayal of James St. James in "Party Monster." Sure it came off as fake and over-the-top, but in being so, it was completely accurate because that's what St. James was like.

Guy Pearce was excellent (as always) as Warhol. And Hayden Christenson did a decent job as the-guy-who-wasn't-Bob-Dylan-but-who-are-you-trying-to-fool? Too bad Dylan was so opposed to the film, because it really could have benefited from a performance of "Like a Rolling Stone or "Just Like a Woman" (or "Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat").

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