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I might be talking a lot about World of Warcraft for the time being...

Well, after I made some BLTs for the girl and me, I headed off to Azeroth. So far I'm running Yakedo (a Blood Elf mage), Katama (a Blood Elf hunter), and Quimbe (a Dranei paladin). All on the Shandris server. I'm digging the starting scenario for the Dranei. Their spaceship has just crashed and you're basically drafted as an emergency aid worker. It gives the quests a real sense of urgency, whereas the Blood Elf starting quests don't feel much different than those of their Night Elf counterparts.

Of course, the Blood Elves didn't need any boost since they're already insanely popular. Mostly because they're skinny and pretty (as above, so below), with a touch of anime to their features. I'm willing to bet that within two months the Horde will be at least half Blood Elf on almost every server.

I haven't bothered to login with any of my old characters yet, mostly because they all need their talents reassigned and that's liable to require some re-education.

Tags: best of 2007, wow

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