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Final post of 2006?!?!?

All in all, 2006 was pretty good. Work was fine (which is really the highest state that I ever expect it to acheive). After some early plumbing and roofing calamities, the house held together well for the rest of the year. And we finally got the backyard cleared out and the garden ready for spring planting, which I thought might never happen.

There was one wedding, no funerals, and a few births. There was many occasions to eat and drink with good friends. And just enough family without being too much.

I didn't discover as much new music this year as in previous ones, but I did reconnect with a lot of the classic rock of my youth, much of which I was able to listen to with new ears. I saw plenty of movies and read quite a lot for me. A lot of the reading and musical archeology I did this year was research for the novel I'm working on. And I'm reasonably happy with how much writing I got done this year. I still don't have the drive I'm going to need to finish writing it, but at least there's been improvement.

And most importantly, my relationship with K. has never been better. Despite spending most of the year in highly-charged, emotional debate about whether or not we want a child, we've only gotten stronger as a couple. I'm extremely grateful to have her and excited to see where life takes us.

So yeah, pretty good year. No complaints.

Happy end of 2006, everyone! And I wish you all a fantastic 2007!


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