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Christmas time is gone again...

Well, another Christmas come and gone. Time to take the santa hat off the old avatar and get back to the grind. Between the holiday eating and hitting the bars too much while K. was out of town, I'm having an unwanted reunion with some of the weight I lost last year. I best get back to salads and Lean Cuisines.

Best part of Christmas: That Amazon wishlist I made! This year just about everything I got was something I actually wanted. I was so happy not to be dragging a load of unwanted junk back to my house.

Worst part of Christmas: Mayonnaise-based casseroles as the main course for two different holiday dinners! One had chicken, the other had shrimp and rice. Both drenched in plenty of hot mayonnaise. What the hell? I swear suburban white people must be born with a jar of mayonnaise in one hand and a casserole dish in the other. Please America, I beg of you, stop cooking with mayonnaise!!! At least when you're inviting me for dinner...

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