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It occured to me today that there may be a way to use one of shortcomings as human being to erradicate another. The worst of them is my tendency to endlessly beat myself up over stupid things I said and did in the past. No, seriously, endlessly. I've still punishing myself for things I did wrong in fourth grade. It's incredibly stupid and destructive and sometimes quite crippling. I don't want to do it. I try to stop it, but it's like I don't have any control over that part of my brain.

But today I was thinking about my substantial capacity to become bored with whatever I'm doing. No matter how much I wanted to do it or why I'm doing it or how entertaining or worthwhile it looks to me on paper. So, I am going to attempt to wield my boredom like a scalpel to cut away the useless bits of my self-recrimination by becoming bored with them.

Tags: best of 2006

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