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the weekend

Had a nice quiet weekend. Caught up on comic books (mostly "Phonogram" and "Nextwave"), watched some "Dexter" (but not last night's episodes yet), transcribed some of my novel notes into the computer, and trimmed the Christmas Tree.

K. and I watched John Duigan's "Head in the Clouds" (starring Stuart Townsend, Charlize Theron, and Penelope Cruz), which I thought was rather good. Then we indulged in an "Ugly Betty" marathon (since normally we're watching "The Office" when that's on. It's a good show. I'm perplexed by how well they manage to weave together comic and melodramatic plots.

Oh, I almost forgot... I made Chicken and Dumplings saturday. Oh my god, it was sooooo good. I think of all the things I've ever cooked, this was the best. Most satisfying comfort food ever. But I did probably make a bit much (as I tend to do). Hopefully my enthusiasm won't dwindle too badly as I eat it for five days in a row.

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