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"Casino Royale" (nothing too spoilery)

Wow. Just wow.

I went into the new Bond flick with faith in Daniel Craig. He was just so good in "Layer Cake" (although I don't remember him being so insanely buff in that film).

But I was still worried that the screenplay would suck. Well, suck it did not. That was the best James Bond movie in at least 35 years. I love that they rebooted the series. I love that he's not all sophisticated and posh. I love that he's a thug again. Or as Ian Fleming put it "an anonymous blunt instrument wielded by a Government Department." Not that he's stupid. No, he's an incredibly cunning thug.

And I'm enormously happy with it not being camp. Don't get me wrong, I love 60s and 70s camp, and that is part of my enjoyment of the original Bond films. But this is better. This is what James Bond is supposed to be.

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