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"Little Children" (no spoilers)

So, I saw the new Todd Field film "Little Children" this weekend. It was a nice mix of humor and despair. And it had a refreshingly unromantic view of romance. The writing, acting and directing were all top notch. Kate Winslet was especially good.

But something really bugged me. There was this voiceover narrator dominating the beginning of the film, omnipotent and judgemental, slightly obtrusive, but clever and engaging enough that I liked it. I assume those lines were lifted straight from the Tom Perrotta novel the film is based on. What bothered me was that the narration would just come and go, sometimes staying away for a half hour at a time. It was jarring enough that I kept wondering where the narrator had gone. Was he asleep? Drunk? Were there some scenes he just didn't want to look at? It probably wouldn't have bothered me so much if his presence and absence hadn't had such a huge effect on the tone of any given scene.

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