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election day

Wow, an episode of "Studio 60" that didn't suck last night. Even the sketch sounded decent (compared to what they've come up with so far). Does it take the threat of cancellation to bring out Sorkin's A-game? Well, B-game.

Man, my polling district (or whatever you call it) is so poorly organized. Even though there's plenty of people working it, the way they have it set up one person can clog the entire system for everybody. A guy in front of me didn't know his name or something. Or at least there was some argument about what his name was and so everybody has to sit and wait for twenty minutes. And I was already pissed because they tried to force me to take a bunch of republican leaflets when I got in the door. "You're going to need these to vote!" Yeah, bite me.

Going to the bar with the boys tonight to watch the election returns come in.

Tags: politics
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