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the decline of Aaron Sorkin in my affection

I used to think Aaron Sorkin could do no wrong. I really did.

"Sports Night" is one of my favorite all time shows. Even with no interest in sports, I can rewatch those episodes just about endlessly. The characters and the dialogue were pretty much perfect. "MASH" perfect. That's how well it worked for me.

I had doubts about "The West Wing" at first. I just didn't think the inner workings of politics could be made entertaining. But man was I wrong. I love those characters. Pretty much every one. Even after Sorkin left, bringing a decline in the writing, I still followed the show because I was so attached.

But "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip." Meh... it's getting to the point where I spend more of the time pissed off than entertained.

First off, none of their sketches or comedians in it are funny. That would be fine if the sketches were kept to the background, but they force us to watch them in their entirety, which is bizarrely stupid. And then they make it worse by having the characters spend minutes congratulating themselves on how funny and groundbreaking they are.

Secondly, it's not convincing. I feel like I have a better understanding of what it's like behind the scenes of a sketch comedy show than he does. Maybe I'm wrong about that, but that's how I feel. But beyond that, no part of this fictional world is believable. Writers are sex symbols and get written about in the gossip pages? There are people that would buy a tell-all book about a network president (let alone know the name of one)? The last straw for me was the hip young son teaching his ignorant parents about Abbott and Costello. I simply refuse to believe that any Americans in their late 50s never heard of them, unless they were like Amish or something. Now if he was lecturing someone in their 20s, that I would believe, but this was just another silly dig on the types of people that Sorkin thinks aren't cool.

And third, the political agenda of the show is so hamfisted and preachy, it drives me crazy. Yes, I get it, World War II was good, McCarthyism was bad, thank you for that valuable lesson. And I like a bit of Christian bashing as much as the next guy, but maybe you could save it up for when you actually have a story that uses it, instead of just reminding us every episode how stupid they are. If the show was really about examining the psychology of Hollywood liberals, that might be interesting, but so far it's failed as anything but a dogmatic rant.

Which is what this is post has turned out to be. And so, on to the pictures...

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