June 16th, 2010

amd: red camera

world cup

So, how about those vuvuzelas, huh? I don't think I could be in that stadium without ear plugs. At first I was digging them, but now I pretty much wish ESPN would filter them out. I actually skipped a song on my radio station today because there was a vuvuzela-like sound at the beginning of it.

I've been disappointed in the the arrangement of the matches. There's a huge gap in play from 12-2, so I don't get to watch any of the action while drinking my lunch down at the pub this year. Fortunately, the USA games are co-operating. I watched the USA tie England while out drinking Saturday afternoon and I work at home tomorrow so I can see their next match too.

Still can't believe we tied England. That's like a win for us. It would be so strange if USA advanced instead of England.