April 22nd, 2010

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Lost (spoilers)

Well, that was a busier than average episode of Lost this week, eh?

So, we have confirmation that Smokey dude was the one pretending to be Jack's dad. Assuming we can trust him.

I loved Jin and Sun's little reunion, although I worried they were going to get their heads fried by the pylons. And the suddenly being unable to speak English disease got even lamer with it's sudden and unnecessary cure. Why wouldn't they just be speaking Korean to each other?

I like Sawyer taking charge and Jack being the reluctant follower, but I was surprised nobody called him on his "only the main characters of the show get to go home" policy. What about Cindy and the kids? And poor Claire. You go a few a years without brushing your hair and suddenly people don't want to be your friend.

I might have liked Jack jumping off the boat better if Sawyer hadn't suggested it, but it was still a nice moment. Clearly, Jack will be the new Jacob. And I still want to know what Sayid's up to. Is he pulling the long con or did Desmond just snap him back to reality with his interdimensional "true love" speech?

And what the hell is Widmore's game? He doesn't seem to care about the candidates at all. Does he just want to rule the island for his own selfish purposes?

Also, I really missed Ben, Miles, and Richard. Anxious to see what they're up to. They'll probably rescue Sawyer's gang. And where the hell are Bernard and Rose? Are they still back in time, turning into the Adam-and-Eve skeletons?

A lot was going on in the mirror, mirror universe, but it was mostly just getting characters together for something that happens next week or the week after. Apparently Ilana is the lawyer for everyone in Los Angeles. Why did Sun recognize Locke?

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